LOCATION : 2441 18th St NW, Washington D.C. 20009     |     PHONE : (202)656-5285


  • Chashu buns:   steamed buns, braised berkshire pork belly, lettuce, scallions    9

  • Bulgogi buns:   steamed buns, sliced ribeye bulgogi, lettuce, scallions    9

  • Shroom buns:   steamed buns, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, scallions    9

  • Spicy Pork buns:   steamed buns, sweet spicy  pork, lettuce, scallions    9

  • Gyoza:  handmade pork dumplings, steamed or pan fried    9

Ramen Bowls

  • Sakuramen:   our signature vegetable ramen. portobello mushroom, bamboo shoots, corn, scallion, nori, hoseki oil(homemade fragrant oil), vegetarian(kombu)broth, thick curly noodle.    13.5

  • Chosun:   a distinctly Korean inspiration. sliced ribeye bulgogi, roasted kimchi, scallion, seasoned egg, nori, chicken broth with shoyu, thin straight noodle.  15.5

  • DC Miso:    a tribute to washington dc and our veteran friends! Berkshire pork belly chashu, bamboo shoot, scallion, shredded monterey jack cheese, naruto (fish cake), nori. chicken broth with miso, thick curly noodle.   14.5

  • Gojiramen:    traditional Japanese shoyu ramen berkshire pork belly chashu, menma, scallion, nori, sprout, chicken broth with shoyu, thin straight noodle.   13.5

  • Spicy Miso:    a spicy miso broth with berkshire pork belly chashu, menma, scallion, corn, nori, rayu, sakuramen’s original fireball(ask for extra spicy). chicken broth with miso, thick curly noodle.    14.5

  • Shoki Bowl:    for our meat loving customers. filled with extra berksire pork belly chashu, ribeye beef bulgogi, seasoned egg, scallion, sprouts, nori, ninniku-tare(garlic oil) chicken broth with shoyu, thin straight noodle.   17.5

  • Tonkotsu Red:    tonkotsu(pork broth), berkshire pork belly chashu, kikurage(woodear mushroom), bamboo shoots, scallion, kuro mayu(black garlic oil), nori.  pork broth with homemade red pepper tare, thin straight noodle.    15.5

  • Tonkotsu Mild:    tonkotsu(pork broth), berkshire pork belly chashu, kikurage(woodear mushroom), bamboo shoots, scallion, kuro mayu(black garlic oil), nori.  pork broth, thin straight noodle.    15.5

  • Toritori:    chicken chashu, fried onion, bamboo shoots, scallion, tamagoyaki.  chicken broth with shoyu , thin straight noodle.    15.5

  • Hiyashi (seasonal):     carrot, cabbage, cucumber,thin sliced eggs, chicory, lettuce, sesame oil with thin noodles(can be replaced to gluten free ramen noodle). served with special homemade spicy soy sauce(gluten free soy sauce). add chashu strips($2). gluten free noodle($1). No Broth.     13.5

  • Bibim:     thin noodles, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, chicory, lettuce, sprouts and half egg on top, served with house made red hot pepper vinegary sauce and sesame oil. No Broth.    13.5

  • Gluten Free Miso:    corn, sprout, scallion, portobello mushroom with gluten free ramen noodle with gluten free miso. kombu broth(vegetarian).    15.5

Extra Toppings

  • Chashu:    braised berkshire pork       4

  • Bulgogi:   Korean ribeye beef       4.5

  • Egg:    seasoned soft boiled egg       2

  • Mushroom:    portobello or woodear       2.5

  • Kimchi:    homemade kimchi       2

  • Bacon:    who doesn’t like bacon?       2

  • Menma:    bamboo shoots       1.5

  • Naruto:    5 pcs of fishcake       1.5

  • Cheese:    monterey jack       1.5

  • Corn:    sweet corn kernels       1.5

  • Sprout:     1

  • Spicy fireball:      1

  • Butter:     1

  • Roasted garlic:     1

  • Nori:    1

  • Extra noodle:   thick or thin       3.5

  • Extra broth:    miso or shoyu       2.5

  • Seasoned rice:    rice with furikake       2

Side Dishes

  • Kimchi:   fresh homemade, a perfect complement to your ramen    2

  • Oshinko:    Japanese pickled vegetables    2


  • Mochi ice cream:    green tea, mango, strawberry, vanilla flavor, seasonal fruit & cookie    5


  • Soft drinks:   coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, sunkist    2

  • San pellegrino:   3

  • Tea:   matcha green tea, ginger tea, yuzu tea, lemon tea, pomegranate tea    3

  • Sparkling water:  3

Beer List

  • Etchigo Koshi Hikari:   300ml Rice Lager, grainy with a light sweetness, earthy, crisp finish    7

  • Etchigo Red Ale:   330ml Premium Amber Red Ale, Refreshing, Complex. yet perfectly balanced!    9

  • Etchigo Stout:   330ml Dark Stout, mellow, rounded flavor & creamy head. Thin and good!    9

  • Ginga Kogen:   330ml Nogori Hefeweizen, rich, fruity, sweet, smooth and tasty    9

  • Kagua Blanc:   330ml Belgian Pale Ale, citrus, refreshing    10

  • Orion:   330ml Pale Lager, golden, clean, medium froth head, simple body, enjoyable!    7

  • Local beer:  Hazy IPA, Tropi Cannon Citron IPA, Eight point IPA, Ponzi IPA, Atlas Draft Lager, Gold Leaf Lager, Pounder Pilsner    7

“Please inform to your server if you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement.”